At Canadian Muslims, we have youth development programs to further develop the Muslim Canadian youth according to the teachings and principles of the Muslim teachings. The youth department aligns its development programs to create an environment that encourages young people to celebrate their identity and be proud of their ethnicity. 

Moreover, the youth help defines the relationship of the Canadian and Muslim community, and consequently they learn the principles of serving humanity, devotional practice, and moral values. 

Though living in another country, the different youth activities planned by the youth organization serve as a safe avenue to understand and apply the practice of Islam.

These youth-led activities help increase societal engagement and develop the personality of the younger generations. They learn to improve their decision-making skills and practice their leadership capabilities, supporting them to achieve their full potential. 

Some of the activities are youth camps that are focused on creative activities, spiritual and character building, recreational and sports focus, and brotherhood and sisterhood fellowship. The activities open the way to create a more positive environment for the youth as they continue to connect with their roots and balance these with Canadian culture.