Canadian Muslims established a soccer club to continue to foster the spirit of competitiveness, camaraderie, and Islamic brotherhood with all the members. Volunteer members of the group are currently managing the club to ensure that the goals and objectives are being met through all the activities being proposed.

The different programs are focused on aiding the youth to enhance their strengths and develop their skills. The club is open for boys and girls who want to enjoy soccer as a hobby or as a sport. 

We aim to teach kids soccer skills while building their character and nurturing a team member spirit. Letting kids join and learn sports is another great way to build their characters. The overall sports experience helps shape good and disciplined young people and bring what they learned as they grow up and transition into adulthood. 

As of the moment, all interested kids can register using this link. We are looking forward to adding more and more new faces to the team, and we are excited to be with everyone when it is all possible to return to our usual games and activities. 

We look forward to having you around!