COVID-19 has been changing our world since its onset. It has challenged our communities, yet it also paved the way for scientific innovation. As more countries experience the effects of the virus, the creation of the COVID-19 virus gave a ray of hope to everyone in the world. 

Right now, it is just sad that a lot of misinformation affects how people perceive the idea of vaccination. However, it also cannot be denied that Muslims have contributed significantly to developing the vaccines we have today. 

  1. The Canadian Covid Muslim Taskforce (CMCTF) is a group of religious leaders, medical experts, and community organizations that are Canadian Muslims. This group has been helping address concerns about vaccines from the Canadian Muslim community.
  2. Since most Canadian Muslims live in dense areas, work as essential workers, or have high-risk health conditions, they should get the vaccine as soon as possible to keep them vulnerable to the virus.
  3. Whether you are a resident or an immigrant, you can receive the vaccine.
  4. After taking the vaccine, Canadian Muslims who feel unwell can break their fast to help you feel better quickly. 
  5. All Canadian Muslims who are planning to perform Hajj or Umrah are required to be vaccinated before doing this activity. 

We urge everyone to remain conscientious and responsible for their actions and keep themselves and their families safe during this time. We are looking for the time we can gather once again. 

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