Though it will be a different Ramadan celebration this 2021 because of being far from the rest of our families, mosques, and the community, this year’s Ramadan will be another unique encounter. 

Challenges may be coming in and out the past year since the pandemic started, but there is still hope for the coming days. A lot of wonderful things have also happened if we are only to look around us. 

Little by little, we now know how to deal with the pandemic; there are already vaccines that can be used to fight the spread of the deadly virus. With the coming Ramadan, we can have more time to reflect and think about things we are genuinely grateful about despite what is currently happening around the globe. 

This year’s Ramadan, we can take the time to slow down and refocus ourselves on the important things in life. Here are 5 tips you can make this occasion more meaningful: 

  1. Spring cleaning our homes as well as the things that are occupying our thoughts. 
  2. Think of the things you regret not doing from last Ramadan and do your best to focus on these this year. 
  3. Think of spending the best Ramadan this year. 
  4. Make an effort to go beyond what’s obligatory. 
  5. Always practice charity and do good deeds. 

As the blessed month comes near, may you have a fulfilling and safe Ramadan celebration. 

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