Build healthier habits this Ramadan? Why not!

Check out these 5 habits on how to have a healthier Ramadan this year. 

1. Plan your Ramadan meals and buy enough stocks in grocery stores. 

Choose healthier food options like chicken, veggies, fruits, lentils, nuts, oats, grains, dates, and a lot more others.

2. Opt for a healthier and more energizing suhoor. 

To keep you up and active throughout the day, make a suhoor that is both heavy and healthy. 

3. When eating during iftar, avoid eating too fast. 

Your body needs to adjust since you haven’t eaten all day. Therefore, slow down when you consume your meal during this time to avoid bloating and digestive issues. 

4. Stay active during Ramadan. 

Start choosing healthier options from now on. So aside from eating healthier meals, you also have to keep your body moving to maintain muscle strength and improve your mental health and cognitive function. 

5. Get out and experience nature. 

Even if we are in a pandemic, if you can visit places without risking yourselves too much, it would be nice to get a breath of fresh air and experience being one with nature once again. 

May you have a blessed and healthy Ramadan! 

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