Welcome! Now you made it here to Calgary!

Calgary is known to be one of the common destinations for newcomers in Canada. Every year newcomers come and start building a new life in this new city. No matter where you are from, Calgary has services to help you quickly settle into your new home.

As a newcomer and you are not still familiar with the place, we have compiled a list of the basic services and helpful resources to help you with your inquiries. Moving to or visiting a new place is not an easy ordeal, so we hope what we have shared here will be helpful to you.

Calgary Rentals

Calgary has home rentals available that suit any lifestyle. Find out relevant listings here.

Daily Prayers

Want to know the prayer times and locations that provide daily prayers services in Calgary? Check out this link.

Friday Prayers

Get updated prayer schedules and available locations here.

Calgary Stores and Restaurants

Here are locations of major grocery stores and restaurants with Halal and ethnic food.


Search for schools and available programs in Calgary by clicking here.

Arabic and Quran Schools

Find schools that teach the Quran and offer Arabic classes.

Calgary Recreations

Are you looking for clubs or organizations that your kids may join? Or are you looking for a playground, parks, sports area, and camping locations? Check them out here!

Transferring to a new city can be quite overwhelming, but this page is created to guide newcomers like you and provide useful information to get acquainted with Calgary. If you know someone who is new here, too, do not hesitate to share this page!