One year after the devastating attack on the Quebec Muslim authority, Canadian leaders are urged to take a stand against Islamophobia. The attack left six men dead and many people injured when terrorists attacked a mosque in Quebec. 

On its first anniversary, more and more citizens attended the vigils, and they came united to calling out violence and change their perception of Islam. However, members of the Quebec opposition parties are not open to the idea of designating a national day to commemorate the attack and serve as a way to combat Islamophobia. They deny the usage of the term “Islamophobia.”

The supporters took their pleas to the next level by writing to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, asking January 29 to be designated as a National Day to serve as a memorial date despite the horrifying and intolerable incident that took place, taking lives of innocent people. 

Muslim leaders in Canada believe that designating January 29 as a day to remember the tragedy will help educate more and more people about the unwanted consequences of hate, Islamophobia, and prejudice.   

Canadian leaders condemn the attack, but they are yet to respond to the request. Whether they accept or decline the demand, they, undoubtedly, stand with the victims and their families. The government condemns all forms of terrorism and discrimination against any people living in the country. 

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