One December of 2017, over 1,000 people gathered in Toronto in front of the United States consulate to express their opposition to a Jewish-only Jerusalem. The people who gathered were from all walks of life including muslims, christians, and jeaws. Their message was simple; “Hands off Al Quds/Jerusalem”. This was a result of the US making the decision of naming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The emergency rally was held in many different parts of Canada, including; Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, London, Ottawa, Montreal. This is also happening in other countries as people gather in front of the US embassy to protest Trump’s illegal and unilateral recognition of Jerusalem. 

Trump’s administration plans to oppose the longstanding international consensus which is a huge violation of many principles of international law and the US Security Council resolutions all which considers the actions and laws of Israel aimed at making the historical status of East Jerusalem to be null and void. 

These resolutions prevent the transfer of embassies, diplomatic missions, and the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. These resolution considers East Jerusalem as part of Palestinian Territory in 1976. 


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