Discrimination is rampant everywhere. Fortunately, Black History Month is celebrated, and we get to learn the achievements and contributions of Black Canadian Muslims and Black Canadians. The younger generations should be reminded of the significant contributions of Black people in society. This way, they learn about prominent Black figures as we continue to spread awareness and educate the youth.

We have made a list of some Black Canadian Muslims that you should know:

1. Dr. Fatima Jackson-Best

Dr. Fatima saw the need for relevant research and studies about the community where she belongs. She aims to serve her community by publishing researches that help bring the different stories in her community out to the world.

2. Imam Yasin Dwyer

Being able to work as a Muslim chaplain, Imam Yasin became the first full-time Muslim chaplain to serve the Correctional Service of Canada. Currently, he serves Ryerson University and the University of Toronto, teaching various subjects about arts and spirituality, Black Canadian culture, and Muslim history in the West.

3. Sh. Abdalla Idris Ali

Shaykh Abdalla Idris Ali is the founder of the first Muslim Students Association in (MSA) in Canada. When he was in Toronto, he also founded the first full-time Islamic elementary school that helped nurture the Muslim teachings and build a stronger foundation in kids back in the day.

4. Ginella Massa

Ginella Massa pursued her dreams to become the first woman in hijab to be part of a major Canadian news company as an anchor. She definitely made history despite the challenges she needed to face.

5. Rahma Mohamed

She dreamt of featuring Muslim characters in her stories, so she made it possible. Rahma Mohamed published children’s stories that well-represent a diversity of Muslim people. She is an award-winning storyteller, and author and her works continue to inspire all Muslims from different backgrounds.

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