Best Halal Restaurants in Vancouver

Canada’s beautiful cities have more than stunning views to offer. As a bustling metropolis, Vancouver is renowned for its culinary diversity offering a wide variety of global cuisines. Whether you are opting for traditional Canadian foods or other dishes, Vancouver won’t disappoint.
Among the many culinary delights available in this multicultural city is an impressive array of Halal food restaurants. From fine dining establishments to hole-in-the-wall eateries…

Program Helps The Muslim Smokers Quit The Habit During Ramadan

Every year, Muslims celebrate Ramadan for a month by fasting and inward reflection. However, public health Vape stockists think that this is also a good chance to help smokers in the community as well. This is the best time of the year to ditch smoking and maybe even vaping. In May 2020, the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center paired up with ACCESS on the Yallah Quit campaign.
The Yallah Quit Campaign
This is a culturally tailored program, which is evident from the name itself. After all, Yallah means “Let’s go!” in Arabic. Ramadan involves abstinence from drinking and …

5 Black Canadian Muslims You Should Know

Discrimination is rampant everywhere. Fortunately, Black History Month is celebrated, and we get to learn the achievements and contributions of Black Canadian Muslims and Black Canadians. The younger generations should be reminded of the significant contributions of Black people in society. This way, they learn about prominent Black figures as we continue to spread awareness and educate the youth.
We have made a list of some Black Canadian Muslims that you should know:
1. Dr. Fatima Jackson-Best
Dr. Fatima saw the need for relevant research and studies about the community where she belongs. She aims to serve her …

5 Ramadan Healthy Habits to Build This Year

Build healthier habits this Ramadan? Why not!
Check out these 5 habits on how to have a healthier Ramadan this year. 
1. Plan your Ramadan meals and buy enough stocks in grocery stores. 
Choose healthier food options like chicken, veggies, fruits, lentils, nuts, oats, grains, dates, and a lot more others.
2. Opt for a healthier and more energizing suhoor. 
To keep you up and active throughout the day, make a …

5 Things Canadian Muslims Need to Know About the Covid-19 Vaccine (Plus Our Response at Home and Abroad)

COVID-19 has been changing our world since its onset. It has challenged our communities, yet it also paved the way for scientific innovation. As more countries experience the effects of the virus, the creation of the COVID-19 virus gave a ray of hope to everyone in the world. 
Right now, it is just sad that a lot of misinformation affects how people perceive the idea of vaccination. However, it also cannot be denied that Muslims have contributed significantly to developing the vaccines we have today. 

5 Spiritual Tips to Get Ramadan Ready for 2021 (And 3 Bonus Practical Ones!)

Though it will be a different Ramadan celebration this 2021 because of being far from the rest of our families, mosques, and the community, this year’s Ramadan will be another unique encounter. 
Challenges may be coming in and out the past year since the pandemic started, but there is still hope for the coming days. A lot of wonderful things have also happened if we are only to look around us. 
Little by little, we now know how to deal with the pandemic; there are already vaccines that can be used to fight the …

Canadians Unite to Send Message for US to Stay Away from Jerusalem

One December of 2017, over 1,000 people gathered in Toronto in front of the United States consulate to express their opposition to a Jewish-only Jerusalem. The people who gathered were from all walks of life including muslims, christians, and jeaws. Their message was simple; “Hands off Al Quds/Jerusalem”. This was a result of the US making the decision of naming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
The emergency rally was held in many different parts of Canada, including; Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, London, Ottawa, Montreal. This is also happening in other …

Canadians Urge Government to Designate a Day for Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia

One year after the devastating attack on the Quebec Muslim authority, Canadian leaders are urged to take a stand against Islamophobia. The attack left six men dead and many people injured when terrorists attacked a mosque in Quebec. 
On its first anniversary, more and more citizens attended the vigils, and they came united to calling out violence and change their perception of Islam. However, members of the Quebec opposition parties are not open to the idea of designating a national day to commemorate the attack and serve as a way to combat Islamophobia. They …

Exploring Canada’s Beautiful Cities and Magnificent Nature

A truly fascinating country with several beautiful tourist attractions, Canada is a dream destination on many people’s bucket lists. Being ranked as the second-largest country in the world, Canada houses a lot of amazing parks and cities that all travelers will surely love to visit. 
The country has a lot of national parks where you can enjoy nature and all exciting activities such as hiking. It has famous national parks that have been declared as world heritage sites, and these indeed attest to Canada’s mesmerizing beauty and incredible tourist attraction …