The Academy aims to maintain the Muslim roots and values to become a disciplined Canadian Muslim. We are committed to bringing high-quality education to provide students with an excellent academic experience which they will bring until adulthood and become responsible Canadian Muslim citizens. 

We always maintain the highest standards to make our academy a nurturing haven that will help instill a solid and sound Islamic foundation to the youth. We provide a safe space where students feel motivated and respected inside and outside of the class. 

Moreover, we take pride in our competitive curriculum for all learners. We recognize the unique learning styles and talents of every child.

That is why our teachers ensure that they exert the best effort in teaching the students to obtain optimal educational results. Our goal is to provide the youth with the necessary skills and Islamic knowledge for them to become capable and successful citizens. 

We offer weekend schedules every Saturday, and classes will be held virtually. It provides Arabic language, Quran, Islamic studies, and we have experienced and qualified teachers that are capable of teaching students.