Over the years, Canada, having a large immigrant population, has nurtured an environment that accepts a wide range of cultures and religions. Being one with Canada’s vision of multiculturalism, Canadian Muslims, a non-profit, educational, religious, charitable, and social organization, directs its efforts in fostering the holistic growth and development of Muslims in Canada.  

Through its programs and services, Canadian Muslims aim to help new immigrants get accustomed to their new environment and help them get through some barriers that may come their way. We welcome everyone, Muslim or individuals coming from different cultures and religions, to work as one in building a community where respect is abundant, able to create constructive and beneficial partnerships and alliances, and one that empowers individuals.

We believe that to make good progress; every Muslim must be given the opportunity for self-improvement through better education and proper training to become capable citizens of the country. As Muslims integrate into Canada, we want them to be better involved and active in the community. 

We are committed to paving the way for Muslims to be well-represented in society and help strengthen other racial communities living in Canada. Canadian Muslims exist to serve the needs of every Muslim wherever they are in the country.