5 Ramadan Healthy Habits to Build This Year

Build healthier habits this Ramadan? Why not!
Check out these 5 habits on how to have a healthier Ramadan this year. 
1. Plan your Ramadan meals and buy enough stocks in grocery stores. 
Choose healthier food options like chicken, veggies, fruits, lentils, nuts, oats, grains, dates, and a lot more others.
2. Opt for a healthier and more energizing suhoor. 
To keep you up and active throughout the day, make a …

5 Things Canadian Muslims Need to Know About the Covid-19 Vaccine (Plus Our Response at Home and Abroad)

COVID-19 has been changing our world since its onset. It has challenged our communities, yet it also paved the way for scientific innovation. As more countries experience the effects of the virus, the creation of the COVID-19 virus gave a ray of hope to everyone in the world. 
Right now, it is just sad that a lot of misinformation affects how people perceive the idea of vaccination. However, it also cannot be denied that Muslims have contributed significantly to developing the vaccines we have today.