The Academy aims to maintain the Muslim roots and values to become a disciplined Canadian Muslim. We are committed to bringing high-quality education to provide students with an excellent academic experience which they will bring until adulthood and become responsible Canadian Muslim citizens.  We always maintain the highest standards to make our academy a nurturing […]


At Canadian Muslims, we have youth development programs to further develop the Muslim Canadian youth according to the teachings and principles of the Muslim teachings. The youth department aligns its development programs to create an environment that encourages young people to celebrate their identity and be proud of their ethnicity.  Moreover, the youth help defines […]

United Soccer Club

Canadian Muslims established a soccer club to continue to foster the spirit of competitiveness, camaraderie, and Islamic brotherhood with all the members. Volunteer members of the group are currently managing the club to ensure that the goals and objectives are being met through all the activities being proposed. The different programs are focused on aiding […]

About Us

Over the years, Canada, having a large immigrant population, has nurtured an environment that accepts a wide range of cultures and religions. Being one with Canada’s vision of multiculturalism, Canadian Muslims, a non-profit, educational, religious, charitable, and social organization, directs its efforts in fostering the holistic growth and development of Muslims in Canada.   Through its […]

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5 Black Canadian Muslims You Should Know

Discrimination is rampant everywhere. Fortunately, Black History Month is celebrated, and we get to learn the achievements and contributions of Black Canadian Muslims and Black Canadians. The younger generations should be reminded of the significant contributions of Black people in society. This way, they learn about prominent Black figures as we continue to spread awareness […]


5 Ramadan Healthy Habits to Build This Year

Build healthier habits this Ramadan? Why not! Check out these 5 habits on how to have a healthier Ramadan this year.  1. Plan your Ramadan meals and buy enough stocks in grocery stores.  Choose healthier food options like chicken, veggies, fruits, lentils, nuts, oats, grains, dates, and a lot more others. 2. Opt for a […]


5 Things Canadian Muslims Need to Know About the Covid-19 Vaccine (Plus Our Response at Home and Abroad)

COVID-19 has been changing our world since its onset. It has challenged our communities, yet it also paved the way for scientific innovation. As more countries experience the effects of the virus, the creation of the COVID-19 virus gave a ray of hope to everyone in the world.  Right now, it is just sad that […]


5 Spiritual Tips to Get Ramadan Ready for 2021 (And 3 Bonus Practical Ones!)

Though it will be a different Ramadan celebration this 2021 because of being far from the rest of our families, mosques, and the community, this year’s Ramadan will be another unique encounter.  Challenges may be coming in and out the past year since the pandemic started, but there is still hope for the coming days. […]