The Sufi Study Circle
can be reached at the following postal address

P.O. Box 143
Station P
Toronto, Ontario 
Canada  M5S 2S7

The Sufi Study Circle is a group dealing with Islamic mysticism. We hail from the University of Toronto at the International Students Centre -- 33 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Sufi Study Circle is associated with the Chishti Order of Sufis, in Toronto, Canada. Our Silsila was first brought to Toronto by Dr. M. Qadeer Shah Baig (r.a.), who was a professor at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Middle East and Islamic studies, about 30 years ago. He began The Sufi Study Circle roughly 25 years ago and since his passing away, the silsila has continued with the current Khalifa Syed Mumtaz Ali.

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The Sufi Study Circle of the University of Toronto



Dr. Qadeer Baig, r.a.

Syed Mumtaz Ali
is the current Khalifa of the Gudri Shahi branch of the Chishti Order of Sufis in Toronto Canada