Usmani Chillah
Syed Mumtaz Ali at Tomb of Nawab Gudri Shah Baba, r.a.
Syed Mumtaz Ali visiting Nawab Sahib Gudri Shah Baba's shrine (Usmani Chillah).
Saeen Gi Gudri Shah Baba, r.a. and Quazi Gudri Shah Baba, r.a. are also buried
on the hill overlooking Ana Sagar Lake which also houses
Gharib Nawaz Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishti's Chillah.
All in Ajmer, India

(Hazrat Nawab Sahib's Khalifa, Dr. M. Qadeer Baig r.a.
passed away in 1988. He rests in York Cemetary in Toronto, Canada)