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Sorry, we are unable to

Answer your questions on religious rulings and points of law, because our answers often require a great deal of research and time. We simply do not have the staff nor the amount of time required at our disposal to be able to answer you. 

Find various Sufi Tariqas for you. There are many tariqas either on the Internet, or located near or far from us in Toronto --  some are legitimate, while others are illegitimate. Even so, we do not follow their activities closely enough to be able to make that kind of a decision for you. This is something your must search for and make your own decision about.

Do research for you. Many visitors ask us to research various people or topics which they may have with regards to Sufism. Please note that our Silsila is the Gudri Shahi branch of the Chishti Order of Sufis and that is enough for us (we simply do not have the time nor the resources to research all the other groups of Sufis throughout the world) and we don't look far and wide to see what they are up to.

Debate with you. This is not a chat site and we therefore cannot engage in a discussion over finer points of Sufism with you.

However . . .

If you study this web site thoroughly, and read many of the books suggested on our Suggested Reading List page, Insha'Allah your questions will be answered to your satisfaction and then some.