My name  is xxx. I would like to know  if I could get help converting to Islam in Toronto if possible. Any assistace would be
greatly appreciated.



Here is some information that you might find useful. I recommend that you particularly read the following on our website:

Here is an article which explains Islam in a Nutshell. Here is a letter that we wrote to someone who wanted to convert to
Islam. We have a book by Dr. Hamidullah, which has now been published on our website (the link for the book is found in
the letter that was just mentioned) and I would like to draw your attention to this paragraph from it. It is especially good for
westerners. In fact you may wish to purchase this book so as to have a copy for yourself -- it is readily available at all the
Islamic bookstores here in Toronto. Also, we have a section with many links on our website that you may be interested in.
It is here.

Here is some information about the Islamic Creed:

The Islamic Creed “Kalima” is the well-known formula: “I testify that there is no deity but God, and Mohammad is the Apostle of
God.” (La illa ha illa Allah Muhammad ur rasool Allah)

It is the belief of Muslims that the first part of this creed, which is called the nafi wa isbat, namely “There is no deity but God,” has been expression of belief of every Prophet since the days of Adam, and that the second portion has been changed according to the dispensation; for example that in the days of Moses it would have been: “there is no deity but God, and Moses is the
Conversor with God.” The Christian dispensation would be: “there is no deity but God, and Jesus is the spirit of God.”

Jahir relates that Mohammad said “The keys of Paradise are bearing witness that there is no deity but God.

The recital of the Kalima, or Creed, is the first of five pillars of the practical religion in Islam; and when anyone is converted to
Islam he/she is required to repeat this formula, and the following are the conditions required of every Muslim with reference to it:

1. That it shall be repeated aloud at least once in a lifetime
2. That the meaning of it shall be fully understood.
3. That it shall be believed in “ by the heart.”
4. That it shall be professed until death.
5. That it shall be recited correctly.
6. That it shall be always professed and declared without hesitation.