I'm writing to you from Venice-Italy and I found your site more than helpful. Once more thanks for your precious help. I am following the Hanafi School and it's difficult to have information concerning this path in Italy (where the Islamic Umma is really small and complicated too). I would like to know which magazine you suggest me to have an overview on the Muslim world. Do you recommed any long-distance course?



We do appreciate your difficulties. As a matter of fact the whole idea and purpose in establishing our website was to help out people like yourself who face your type of situation all over the world. The contents of our website is divided into two very distinct segments: (1) A General Picture of Islam and (2) Anatomy of Islam. The first segment (1) is meant to cater to the needs of  beginners or young Muslims or other Muslims who have not had many opportunities to learn about the basics and fundamentals of Islam as well as those non-Muslims who would like to learn about the basics of Islam. The second segment (2) is meant to cater to the needs of students who are looking for more detailed treatment of Islamic teachings and also to the needs of readers who are looking for topics under a separate set of specific headings such as "Family Affairs" "General Essays" etc. This segment is also meant to attend to the variety of  needs of non-Muslims who are particularly interested in the detailed aspects of Islam  eg. for the purpose of comparative studies, general religious studies, or even for journalistic and academic pursuits.

We have tried to make it clear in on our Who We Are page that our website deals with mainly the Sunni school of law (with
an emphasis on the Hanafi school.)

It is our considered opinion and belief that anyone who cares to read everything that is available on our website (including the links) would be able to satisfy most of their educational needs in this respect. The medium of the Internet has made it possible for one to have instant access to an amazing amount of knowledge and information through these links. Yes the world is at your fingertips!  Moreover, if one were to study very seriously (and with high concentration) and digest each and every point discussed and covered by such great works as:

1) the volumes of Ihya-al-ulum al-din (The Revival of Islamic Knowledge) by Imam Al-Ghazzali, as stated on our Who We Are page
2) the volumes of Sirat-un-Nabi by Shibli Nu'mani;
3) the classical books on Sunni Fiqh such as the Hedaya and Fatawa-e-Alamgiri etc.;
4) the more modern and much smaller book such as  "Introduction to Islam" by Dr. Hamidullah, (which is reproduced on this website almost in its entirety); and
5) Both of the the Everyday Fiqh books written by Abdul Aziz Kamal as well as The Etiquettes of Islam by the same author.

One would not need much else to satisfy one's needs in this regard also for the reason that the Holy Qur'an and the collection of Prophetic Traditions (Hadith) such as Bukhari, Muslim, Muwatta of Malik and Abu Dawud etc. are also available through links on this website with search capabilities. We also provide a pdf version of Marmaduke Pickthall's and Yusuf Ali's Meaning of the Holy Qur'an for research and you can download these English translations (interpretations) in seconds!!

We have also provided a search engine on this website. This enables our readers/visitors to use this feature as a master index of everything contained on all three of our websites.